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Community Connections Newsletter Sept. 27 September 27, 2009

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Community Connections Newsletter of NWA

Sept. 27 2009

Purpose: To help people and all living creatures thrive!

Published by Patricia Mikkelson, professional organizer, gardener, and coordinator of the Funktional Family 479-313-0414

Fayetteville Community Exchange informational meeting Sunday Sept. 27 Walker Community Room, 2:30-4:30 Fayetteville Public Library at School and Center St. Join the local Time Bank that is forming to strengthen our community and economy through reciprocity and cooperation. For more information contact Mary Lily 479-466-5641 or learn more about Time Banking at Read more here

Time to plant your fall garden! Get some fine tips from Mother Earth News here

Fayetteville Edible Landscaping in a commercial area that I am cultivating next to Pack Rat Backpacking Store.  Read more here

Food Growing is Important! Find out all kinds of great information about growing staples, neighborhood supported agriculture, growing your own food and more here

Health Care Issues: Take control of your health by learning about how just about every health problem has been solved using the Hallelujah Diet. Check out or look at specific symptoms that have been cured here.

Report on the Funktional Family Yard Sale: We had a great experience with our family’s first work endeavor. Find out some tips on making a great yard sale and about our success. Read more here.

Organizing Parties: Get your organizing for free and help others get organized by having an organizing party in your home with Patricia facilitating. Find our more here

Free Online Course in Nonviolent Communication: Find out more here

Great Organizing Resource: I really like these tips for getting organized very simply by Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous. Being organizing is a great way to help you to realize your goals and dreams.

Looking for a place to have our next garage sale: The Funktional Family is planning another garage sale for October. We would love to have a covered area in a high traffic areas. Any ideas? We can trade or pay for the space with a percentage of the profits. Call Patricia 479-313-0414

Clay: Simple, effective and cheap healing: Read a short article and get some AMAZING resources here.

Local Source for Organic Fertilizers: We are so fortunate to have Nitron right here in Northwest Arkansas in the small town of Johnson which is near Fayetteville and Springdale.

The Flight Brigade Concert: Saturday, 7pm at Saturday Oct. 10 at Saturday Night Alive, 2250 West Sunset, Springdale in the USA Drug Plaza  Positive Alternative music, an uplifting message, food and fellowship.


Healing with clay September 20, 2009

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Wow! I love all the resources I found on this website about clay! I am more inspired than ever to incorporate the healing powers of clay into our family’s practices.

One of the ways that we have been a Funktional Family is that we have rarely had to go to the doctor for healing with the exception of a few emergencies.  One of the ways we have used natural healing is using clay.

I learned about the healing benefits of clay when I was twenty one. I read the book RETURN TO NATURE by Adolf Just, and was very inspired by his simple teachings of living more in harmony with nature. I still remember how a person who had a deadly snake bite was buried with his head sticking out of the ground, and his wound was cured. You can read the whole book here.

Any time I or my children get painful wounds, I offer a clay poultice as a remedy. When they were younger and more prone to get scrapes, insect stings and cuts,a simple clay poultice was a way to immediately alleviate the pain. I am very sensitive to pain, and if I get any kind of wound, I slap some clay on and am spared much stress. Robert used clay, charcoal, and blue cohosh as a  poultice when Mahriyanna had brown recluse spider bites and she was  marvelously healed.

Recently I stepped on a nail the night before our big garage sale. I was in so much pain I could not apply the poultice, so I was grateful that Robert did it for me. The pain ceased almost immediately. I was slowed down minimally and I worked two twelve-hour days right after I received the wound. I love clay!

I highly recommend that you study this website thoroughly and learn all you can about clay’s healing properties. With the cost of health care continuing to sky rocket, including natural cures…clay is an inexpensive and easily accessible resource that might just save your life or the life of one you love.


Getting and staying organized: a topic for our next family meeting

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I just can ‘t wait to implement this plan for organizing and staying organized.

I confess that even though I am a professional organizer, I have a hard time staying organized myself, and helping my family get organized. Part of this is because I spend so time helping others in this area that I want a break from the activity when I am at home. However, I am committed to creating a more organized environment. We will be talking about it at our next family meeting. I can’t wait to start implementing these ideas.


Nonviolent Communication: Free class online

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You can find lots of free resources to learn about  Nonviolent Communication here. Nonviolent Communication is something the Funktional Family has used to not only survive but thrive through very challenging situations. We still have not totally mastered this way of communicating that focuses on helping everyone get their needs met. But using this model has helped us to come to a point where we could agree to work together as a family.

I learned this method of communicating over twenty years ago when Chris was in my womb, and I feel so grateful to Marshall Rosenberg for sharing this model with the world.


Fall Garden Suggestions from Mother Earth News

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Sad, sad, sad. The fall garden we planted a few weeks ago got dug up by the chickens who got into the open gate. We still can’t figure out who or what left the gate open! But there is still time to plant, and we will try again. Here is an article from Mother Earth News that gives some fine tips for a fantastic fall garden. We hope to have a better report in a few weeks!


Yard Sale Tips and The miracles of our yard sale September 18, 2009

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Click here for a  great resource for tips for having a successful yard sale

The Funktional Family carried out our first goal of having a yard sale. I wanted to list all the miracles that happened as we achieved this goal. We all feel so grateful to our Creator for the help we received. We did our best to cover this effort with our prayers. Here is a list of the miracles:

1. Our family was able to make money and at the same time spend time together.

2. I had car trouble during the process of getting ready for the yard sale which was easily and inexpensively remedied with Robert’s help. Even though I had traveled long distances just before it happened, and could have gotten stranded in the middle of nowhere, the problem occurred close to home and we could drive it to where it was easily fixed.

3. Our family worked together tirelessly and harmoniously for the most part even though we had a series of challenges. We met each crises with grace and pulled together–having the attitude, “It is us against the problem, not me against you.” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

4. I, Patricia, stepped on a nail the night before the garage sale. Through the use of clay, prayers by all, and crying out to Jesus-my foot was healed and actually I had more energy after the puncture.

5. We had a minor financial crises right in the middle of yard sale preparations. But all timing and with a little help from our friends, we were able to avoid bank charges with five minutes to spare.

6. Rain was predicted on the days of the yard sale. We had a few drops–but went two days primarily dry.

7. We were all blessed with good health and lots of energy with long days and super hard work.

8. We all were happy with the money that we made that helped each of us meet our financial goals.

9. We met a lot of wonderful people, and blessed many people with lots of unusual and useful items with good prices.

10. When we met for our family meeting and had our appreciation time, we found even more to appreciate about each other than usual because we had worked so closely together.

11. Even though we had conceptualized the Funktional Family only three weeks previously, we set and achieved our goal of working together and making money quickly.

12. We are hopeful that we can continue to work together and find ways to bless others through our work.

Thanks, Funktional Family–I love you!


The FUNKtional Family Buzz September 6, 2009

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A newsletter to help keep you informed about useful things, local and global


Contact Patricia (Mikkelson) Hughes, a member of the FUNKtional family, for more information 479-313-0414


If you click on the underlined words you can find out even more about the item.


Local NWA Calendar items


Slow Foods Potluck
WHAT: Time for Lunch Eat-In to learn how to put good food in public schools
WHEN: Monday, Labor Day, Sept 7
TIME: 6-8 pm
WHERE: Walker Park round pavilion
near 13th and S College
MORE INFO: Laura Kelly 521-4619

Free Concert and an evening of fun, connection, and celebration of life. Saturday, Sept. 12, 9-11pm The Flight Brigade and Pure Radiance are two bands made up of home schooled friends, including local musician Chris Mikkelson. They play original, positive alternative music that will make you want to dance and help your spirit soar. Arsaga’s 1852 N. Crossover Rd Fayetteville, Arkansas For more information call Patricia Mikkelson 479-313-0414

Funktional Family Yard Sale Friday, Sept. 11, Sat. Sept 12 7:30am to 3pm Huge variety of great stuff including decorative items, household items, clothes and furniture. Near Mission and Maple in Fayetteville. For more information call Patricia Mikkelson 313-0414

Green Drinks will be held on Monday, September 21st 5:30-7:30 at Smilin’ Jacks behind Dickson Street Bookshop on School Street.

Time Banks Informational Meeting: Sunday September 27, 2:30 to 4:30. For more information contact Mary Thornton For more info about time banks

The Thirtieth Ozark Area Community Congress/OACC 30 – November 6-8, 2009
Ananda Kanan International Retreat Center, Willow Springs, MOzarks

The Tenth Continental Bioregional Congress/CBC X: October 3-11
At The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee

Resources and announcements

Dealing with anger and other blocks to love. I wrote a blog post that has my best tool for dealing with anger—the Love Letter inspired by John Gray. I highly recommend learning this method, as well as some other tools I have found to help me stay more and more in a state of peace, love and joy. Click here

I highly recommend the online Nonviolent Communication Academy they have some great free resources, use the ticket below!

Nonviolent Communication Training

Information on Green Smoothies and other health tips: This is one of my favorite health blogs by a mother who has a lot of wisdom about how to stay healthy. Read more here

Organizing Classes offered: I am looking for people to have organizing parties in their home. I will demonstrate FAST organizing using the simple techniques I have developed to get a room or closet or whole house (depending on how bad it is) decluttered in a few hours. I will charge $120 for the time, and this is split among the people who attend the class, with the hostess or host getting the time free for hosting the party. Afterwards we can have snacks (everyone bring something) and talk about what happened and I can answer questions. Anyone up for this? Contact Patricia 479-313-0414

The International Reciprocal Trade Association, IRTA, is a non-profit organization committed to promoting just and equitable standards of practice and operation within the modern trade and barter and alternative capital systems. Learn more here.  

Publicity list for NW Arkansas Here is an extensive list of ways to get the word out in NW Arkansas. I hope you will add your comments of other ideas so I can make an even more complete list.