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A great blog to help you and your family’s health September 5, 2009

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The following writing is from one of my favorite health blogs by a mother who transformed her diet and is really into green smoothies (one of my favorite healthy items) and lots of other great stuff.  With all the attention on health care, it seems like there should be more focus on prevention rather than spending billions on curing symptoms. Here is Robyn:

I thought you’d be interested in my reaction to an Education Week course I took recently at an elite university where the average incoming GPA of the students is 3.8 and the average ACT score is 28.

The class I attended was entitled, Stocking a Healthy and Convenient Pantry.

Read about the shocking credentials of the teacher, and what was taught there-I think you’ll be as dumbfounded as I was.  This is the first part of several blog entries I wrote on the subject:

Teach your children well about issues related to their health and wellbeing, because who knows what they’ll get in their formal education.  It’s safe to say I have been less than impressed with the education about nutrition I have received at the hands of PhD nutritionists and dieticians over the years.  Kudos to the ones who stray from the curriculum bought and paid for by the powerful meat and dairy industries.  Sometimes a credentialed dietician learns for herself what nutrition really is. Not very often, unfortunately.

Enjoy the blog and tell us what you think!

To Your Health,

Robyn Openshaw


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