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Our family highly values feelings and needs September 5, 2009

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Since they were born, both Chris and Mahriyanna have been encouraged to express their feelings and needs in order for us all to find win-win solutions to problems. We don’t always succeed in getting everyone’s needs met, but at least we try! Anything worth doing is worth doing imperfectly until we get it right–and I am happy to say that this intention enriches our family enormously. And when we don’t succeed, we have a great topic to discuss at our weekly family meetings!

Here is some writing that reflects what we try to do:

How Are You Feeling?

How are you feeling right this minute? Here is a list of words that may describe how you feel when your needs are being met: loving, happy, satisfied, content, excited, joyful, peaceful, confident, elated, vibrant, delighted, amused, or hopeful. Here is a list of feelings you may have if your needs are not being met: scared, worried, pain, confused, annoyed, frustrated, angry, ticked off, tired, weary, embarrassed, lost, irritated, impatient, or resentful. If you struggle identifying your feelings consider these four: happy, sad, mad, scared. Remember that your feelings are the result of whether your needs are met or not. It is helpful to be aware of how we feel and then uncover our underlying needs. When we do this, we are in a better position to live joyfully.

Be aware of how your feelings are
connected to your needs today.

This reflection is an excerpt from  Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing, and Compassion by Mary Mackenzie, published by PuddleDancer Press, and is offered courtesy of NVC Academy and Mary Mackenzie.


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