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Ozark Area Community Congress and Continental Biroregional Congress info September 6, 2009

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The Thirtieth Ozark Area Community Congress/OACC 30 – November 6-8, 2009
Ananda Kanan International Retreat Center, Willow Springs, MOzarks


The Tenth Continental Bioregional Congress/CBC X: October 3-11
At The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee

OACC 30:
Hello OACC Folks,

This is an early heads-up about this year’s OACC, celebrating 30 consecutive OACC’s, the beginning of the 4th decade of Ozark Area Community Congresses.  This will be one not to miss, and we would love to see you there, so now is a good time to mark your calendars for November 6-8.  A later email invitation with a full complement of information will be coming your way in a few weeks. As well, a hard copy invite will be sent to those of you who get The Broadcaster through OACC’s organizational sponsor, the Ozarks Resource Center.

Please spread the word about this special 30th OACC.  If each of you can bring one or two others that you would like to be there we will be relatively assured of a fine congress. This is the best way by far to invite people to OACC!  Excellent speakers have been lined up so far, with more to come. As a special 30th anniversary treat, Jim Scott, renowned virtuoso guitar player, singer/songwriter and storyteller and long time friend of the bioregional movement will be playing for us Friday night, Nov. 6, doing a collaborative song-writing workshop on Saturday, and may even grace us with some songs during the coffeehouse.  As far as presentations, again this year Open Space will provide the opportunity for the great wealth of information, expertise, and entertainment that is always with us though OACC attendees to be scheduled on the spot and shared.

As of this writing we have 13 co-sponsors for OACC.  Co-sponsors are essential for keeping your attendance costs so low and having the resources to carry OACC on from year to year. If you or your organization would like to be a co-sponsor or know someone who might be, please contact Michelle Gurley at:; phone: 417-372-2479.  A co-sponsorship is $120, and with it you get 2 admissions to OACC ($90 value), an exhibit table, announcement (good advertising if you will) of your co-sponsorship in the large OACC invitation mailings of The Broadcaster and the main mass email invitation, as well as acknowledgment at OACC itself.

The Tenth Continental Bioregional Congress/CBC X: October 3-11
At The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee

The Continental Bioregional Congresses – with the first one in 1984 — came directly out of the OACC experience.  From the first, OACC people have variously had major roles in the CBC’s, and/or have been delegates and attendees to all of these events. This year’s 10th Congress, being held at The Farm in Tennessee, should be a great one, and a number of folks from the Ozarks are planning and hoping to attend.

The cost is $450/adult; $250/child 12-17 yrs.; $150/child 4-11 yrs. While this is a lot of money in aggregate, at the same time it’s not much for an incomparable event encompassing 11 days.

Even as we hope that those who come to OACC will see themselves as representatives of their Ozark watersheds, localities, and good works, the Continental Congress is built around those attending seeing themselves as representatives of their home bioregions from around the continent (and as well there will be representative from South America and around the world).

If you’re not attending CBC X, but can help someone in terms of funds for registration or travel expenses, please consider enabling some one who does want to go and needs help to be a representative from OACC.

If you are planning to drive to CBC X, please consider sharing your vehicle relative to carpooling.

If you want to go and need help getting there with transportation and/or funds to help cover registration costs, don’t hesitate to ask other OACC people and friends who are resonant with the concept of representation for that help.  Their contribution to your representation will be a benefit to all concerned. In return, for instance, you can offer to give your supporters a report of your experience.

I’m volunteering to be a coordinator in locating and matching up resources for people who want to go and need assistance in one form or another.

-If you want to go, need help, and can’t locate the resources on your own…

-Or, if you are able to help someone represent you, OACC, and the Ozarks at CBC X,
contact me at:

David Haenke,
Co-coordinator, with Michelle Gurley, of OACC 30

OACC 30 & CBC 10-Pre-invite.pdf OACC 30 & CBC 10-Pre-invite.pdf
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