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I’m so excited about our new family business! September 6, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Trish Patricia Mikkelson, founder and coordinator of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage @ 3:27 am

In some ways, this is like my birthday present. On my actual birthday, Aug. 23, our family had some major conflicts. We aren’t together as much as we would like because of various reasons, and when we are together on a special day there is a lot of pressure for us to all have an especially good time. The funny thing is–when it is not a special time, we have a great time together.

But there were a lot of issues boiling under the surface for all of us. Even though we are committed to open honest communication, it doesn’t always happen. Partly it is time constraints. Partly, it is just lack of awareness.Partly it is not wanting to deal with things because even though we have a lot of trust between us–well, we have had our share of problems as well that have broken trust.

Each one of us had a major emotional release that night. Wow! I couldn’t have asked for a better present! Clearing the air of the junk that was keeping us apart. I must admit it was not pretty. Even though we know about such skills as non-violent communication, none of use seemed able to utilize this wonderful model as much as we could have.

It was like a volcano erupting, as my son, Chris, said later. I loved the ways that my kids dealt with the intensity. Chris played his drums before talking to me, and Mahriyanna was comforted by our great pyrenees dog, Lilly because I was with Chris, and Robert didn’t realize that she was not with me.

When the true feelings of love and caring came out, it was so beautiful. We realized that we had been going our separate ways much of the time because of our need for money. So we decided that in order to solve that problem we would become a family business, supporting each other in making money and utilizing our gifts. Sometimes we would work together, other times alone–but always having a support team available.

I feel so grateful and amazed that out of the chaos came such clarity. I really should not be amazed, for this has happened over and over again in my life. When emotions are suppressed for whatever reason, getting them out is always cleansing and healing. But now my children are old enough to help solve the problems.

I look forward to sharing with you our readers how we evolve into a profitable and fun family business. Our first project is working on a garage sale. Our dear friend Susan Dillon offered to let us use her garage to store things in, and her yard to sell things in. Since it is on Mission near Maple, we look forward to having lots of customers! We also have a nice variety of things since we have been collecting things for years hoping to sell things on ebay.

I hope that this story helps you to want to clear out all the hidden emotions and beliefs–and learn Non-violent communication. When we all calmed down, the model of nvc really came in handy.


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