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Yard Sale Tips and The miracles of our yard sale September 18, 2009

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Click here for a  great resource for tips for having a successful yard sale

The Funktional Family carried out our first goal of having a yard sale. I wanted to list all the miracles that happened as we achieved this goal. We all feel so grateful to our Creator for the help we received. We did our best to cover this effort with our prayers. Here is a list of the miracles:

1. Our family was able to make money and at the same time spend time together.

2. I had car trouble during the process of getting ready for the yard sale which was easily and inexpensively remedied with Robert’s help. Even though I had traveled long distances just before it happened, and could have gotten stranded in the middle of nowhere, the problem occurred close to home and we could drive it to where it was easily fixed.

3. Our family worked together tirelessly and harmoniously for the most part even though we had a series of challenges. We met each crises with grace and pulled together–having the attitude, “It is us against the problem, not me against you.” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

4. I, Patricia, stepped on a nail the night before the garage sale. Through the use of clay, prayers by all, and crying out to Jesus-my foot was healed and actually I had more energy after the puncture.

5. We had a minor financial crises right in the middle of yard sale preparations. But all timing and with a little help from our friends, we were able to avoid bank charges with five minutes to spare.

6. Rain was predicted on the days of the yard sale. We had a few drops–but went two days primarily dry.

7. We were all blessed with good health and lots of energy with long days and super hard work.

8. We all were happy with the money that we made that helped each of us meet our financial goals.

9. We met a lot of wonderful people, and blessed many people with lots of unusual and useful items with good prices.

10. When we met for our family meeting and had our appreciation time, we found even more to appreciate about each other than usual because we had worked so closely together.

11. Even though we had conceptualized the Funktional Family only three weeks previously, we set and achieved our goal of working together and making money quickly.

12. We are hopeful that we can continue to work together and find ways to bless others through our work.

Thanks, Funktional Family–I love you!


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