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We’re looking for a 4 bedroom house in Fayetteville October 20, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Trish Patricia Mikkelson, founder and director of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage @ 4:37 am

I have decided that I want to have a house in Fayetteville for many reasons which I have listed here–along with the qualities of the house. I am happy that a dear friend and her two year old wants to share a house with my family, who will live part time with me. First, my ideal qualities:

Four bedrooms or more

Inexpensive rent ($400 or less) and/or trade for keeping up the house with basic repairs. Someone having challenges renting or selling a house but who wants their house to be used for positive purposes would really benefit.

Wood heat. Well insulated and easy to heat.

Large back yard with garden space and fruit trees.

Quiet street in a neighborhood where people are already cooperating and would enjoy having even more encouragement.

Low Crime area.

Lots of trees.

South fayetteville preferred, but open to other areas.

near bus line

Basement that is already developed or could be developed for a place for people to meet for bible studies, classes, dances, band practices, pre-school and other activities.

Plenty of space for parking.

Neighbors who are open to us having gatherings and thus people parking in the area.

Lots of light with double insulated windows.

Friendly, cooperative landlord who supports what we are doing.

Well behaved animals allowed

Dry with no mildew/mold problems

Rain gutters and rain catchment system

Large living room for meetings.

Here are the things I hope to accomplish by living in a house with Taina and my other family members.

1. Have a place where I can be supported and encouraged in my relationship with Jesus and living out his teachings of loving God and loving neighbors.

2. Spend more time with especially my daughter Mahriyanna and have a nurturing place for her to be when I am working.

3. Encourage each other in making the healthiest environment possible for ourselves and our children and ex-spouses when they come to visit.

4. Be a place where we can extend hospitality to our friends and neighbors as we are able.

5. Encourage each other in our goals of helping people live out Jesus’s teachings by offering concrete solutions to problems, including how we treat our children, living simply, non-violent communication, grace-filled parenting, gardening, emergency preparedness, preventative health, and more.

6. Be a living demonstration of “they will know we are CHristians by our love” as we love each other and create a mini-community.

7. Create agreements that help us to stay on track and be nurturing to each other.

8. Share expenses so that we can be better stewards of our money. Encourage each other in our giving to our spiritual inspiration, paying off debts, and using our money ever more wisely.

9. Support the local Fayetteville Community Exchange time banks and help it grow so that we can live more and more without relying on the money system.

10. Have  huge garden where we can demonstrate possibilities of growing enough food to live on if we had to. Encourage wild edible growth and learn how to forage in urban area.

11. As we deepen our relationship (Taina and I), she becomes more a part of our extended Funktional Family and we connect more and more at our WEllspring Eco-village in formation.

12. Have fun with our kids together, and have child care where we all support each other in having a rich environment where kids can thrive.

13. Share meals and food preparation so we can eat more raw food and eat more healthy, as well as enjoy our family sharing fellowship at meals.

14. Meeting daily when I am home for prayer, meditation, bible study, and testimonies of how God is working in our lives.


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