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A family who works together, stays together! News about the Mikkelson-Kersbergen family collaboration

NWA Community Connections Newsletter Oct. 21 October 21, 2009

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Oct. 21 2009

Published by Patricia Mikkelson, professional organizer, senior member and mom of the Funktional Family 313-0414

For an online copy of this newsletter, go here.

There a lots of great activities coming up—I hope you will check them out. The Funktional Family members will be attending some of them–and I hope I will see you soon! Patricia

OACC Conference: This is an expensive way to do some major networking and community building.  Call me if you want to carpool and learn all details here:

Time Banks is getting started in Fayetteville. Learn more about this movement that is helping us to develop a core economy based on giving, receiving and cooperation where everyone has value. For more info on our local Fayetteville Community Exchange, contact Mary Lilly at 466-5641 Next gathering will be Nov. 1

Climate Change Rally in Fayetteville: Sat., Oct. 24 2pm Dickson Street.  More info here:

Social Justice Movie Night: Mon. Oct. 28 6-8pm at Unitarian Church. Food, INC. More details here

Halloween Spooktacular Party for kids sponsored by CAT Fri. Oct. 30 4-7 Fayetteville Town Center. Learn more here.

Swine Flue: What you can do naturally.  This is a great resource: from Also, olive leaf extract is a great antidote. We are so grateful to Dr. Shriver, the Ozark Natural Doctor in Kingston for delivering this remedy in our great time of need. He has a high quality olive leaf extract for sale.

Green Resources in NWA. Find out more here.

nded cab Ford truck.

Funktional Family News.

We continue to have our almost weekly family meetings and a kind of work retreat at our Wellspring Eco-village in formation. I realize that having kids 13 and 20, to get together for an evening and a day is really a wonderful thing. I feel so blessed to have everyone in our family. You can find out more about what we call the Funktional Family comprised of Robert, Mahriyanna, Chris and I are about here. Hey, if you need a big job done, we are available to help with all sorts of stuff, including leaf raking, moving, organizing, cleaning, and garage sale set up. Here are some offerings and needs we have:

Ford Diesel F-350 extended cab Truck for Sale: The Funktional Family is selling our beloved truck.  It needs work, but has potential of being a great farm resource. Call Robert 665-2403

Healthy Chickens for sale: The Funktional Family is needing to let go of a lot of chickens. Star Sprangled Hamburgs, Plymouth Rock, Ostralops, and Banti’s. We have some good layers, roosters and youngsters.Reasonable prices.  Call Robert for more details 665-2403

Garage sale: Items needed: The Funktional Family is having another garage sale Oct. 30 and 31 and we are open to picking up items you want to give away. Call Patricia 313-0414

House in Fayetteville wanted: A friend with a two year old, Mahriyanna, and I are looking for a 3 bedroom house or apartment in Fayetteville. We want to find a creative arrangement where we can do at least partial trade, minimum deposit. Robert has great handyman skills and is willing to help with repairs. Learn more here. Call Patricia 313-0414


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