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A wonderful month for our family…with lots of challenges November 11, 2009

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I feel so happy that we have committed to spending at least one day a week together at our Wellspring Ecovillage-in-formation, and have a family meeting once a week. This has brought us so much closer, and we have been able to support each other on our individual and collective goals. Here are some of the things that are happening:

Garage Sale

We had a successful and stressful garage sale. The weather was perfect, and we were able to spread our goods out side. Lots of people came thanks to twenty or so signs made by  Chris and set out by Chris and his father, Cliff.  We had a miracle because I found 25 boxes of perfect size and which could be flattened on the very night we needed them. The signs were attractive and easy to read. A client of mine agreed to let us use his garage in exchange for some work–and this worked out for the most part very well.

We all worked very hard and made enough money to make it worth while. I loved spending more time with my family than usual and sharing some meals in town.

Flight Brigade Concert

Chris’s band, The Flight Brigade, performed at Saturday Night Alive, a weekly potluck andChristian music concert venue in Springdale. Thanks to our collaborative efforts, it was a well attended and very vibrant event. I  loved seeing my friends and having them enjoy the music so much. I am very happy that people love The Flight Brigade so much.

Gifted with a truck

I invited an acquaintance to come to the Flight Brigade concert. He was so impressed with our family that he decided to donate his truck to us. He was ready to travel and be free from possessions, and wanted to find a good home for it. I was delighted to accept this gift!

Chris has his housing site mapped out for bull dozing

Chris is wanting to move forward on building his own house, and he has selected a spot on our land. I rejoice in the fact that he made a beautiful path lined with rocks and evened out with lots of work to a pretty spot near where our family is living now. Last Monday Robert and Chris spent time figuring out what the bull dozer needs to do to get it all ready. I feel so grateful that Robert has skills like this. Chris is now saving money for the job to be done in spring. I feel delighted to see him setting and achieving his goals consistently.

Mahriyanna joins a volley ball club

Through a wonderful series of events, Mahriyanna was encouraged by Coach Hal Roberts to develop her volley ball playing skills. Mahriyanna loves volleyball and plays weekly with her friends, but she wanted more skill building opportunities. Now she goes twice a week to the Jones Center and is super excited about playing volleyball with others who are as serious as she is. Coach says she is an amazing player for her age.

Leaf Raking

We have decided that our next endeavor will be leaf raking as a family. Robert will do an estimate and then we will do all the raking on one big day of work. If you need your leaves raked, or know someone who does–please let us know. 313-0414

Fall Garden

We are enjoying greens in our fall garden thanks to us working together to prepare the soil, plant, and repair the fence so chickens won’t get in. What a blessing!

Go Green rap song

Chris has written a great rap song about going green and being vegetarian. It is funny and catchy–and if you are lucky he will play it for you and ask you for feedback. We all had fun last week giving him ideas, and are figuring out how this can get out there big time. Any ideas you have are welcome.

Spiritual Life

I love that during our family meetings we pray, and do our best to pray together throughout the day. We are all studying the Bible in our own ways, and are discussing spiritual matters more than we ever had. I loved it when we were washing dishes together and we played a game where we took turns saying people in the Bible,and books of the Bible. We talked about intelligent design vs. evolution and other great topics.  I look forward to us all supporting each other in  deepening our relationship with Jesus.


I continue to marvel that in spite of the fact that I never wanted to have children, my children enrich my life so much, especially now that they are practically adults. I love my family so much, and I am so happy we are  getting closer as we spend more quality time together.




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