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Respecting our children’s needs like we respect our body’s needs November 24, 2009

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I really enjoyed this article by one of my favorite parenting coaches. I feel so grateful that from the time my oldest son, Chris, (now 20) was in the womb, I took classes in non-violent communication which taught me how I could respond to my child when he was upset. I am happy to say that because this truth described below resonated with me so deeply, I  have consistently been able to respond with empathic listening when my children have been distraught in any way. I hope you enjoy this short article.
THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

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:: The One-Body Principle ::

Suppose your right leg began twitching for no apparent
reason. If it persisted, you’d do something about it.
You might massage your leg or take some vitamins
that support nerve functions.

But you wouldn’t yell at your leg or threaten to hurt
it! Nor would you ignore it and think, “It’s the leg’s
problem, not mine.” Such responses wouldn’t make
sense because your leg is a part of YOU.

Likewise, when your child’s behavior seems
unreasonable, you can overcome the temptation to
react negatively by responding to your child as if s/he
were a part of your body.

Like the parts of your body, your child functions well
when you pay attention to his or her signals and,
instead of resisting those signals, you do your best
to honor and respond to them. There’s no blame; you
just deal with it.

Today, imagine you and your child are like one body
and notice how that perspective affects your

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