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Latest news on what is happening with the Funktional Family November 25, 2009

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Recently I miraculously was able to move to a lovely, sunny, apartment in the backyard of one of my clients who is willing to trade for rent. This is perfect for me and Mahriyanna when she is in town. I feel so blessed–could write on and on about how perfect our new home is, but will have to do a separate blog about it.

I have been doing a variety of work including helping a family prepare for an international move; detail cleaning to help prepare someone’s home to sell; sorting books for Lovella’s retreat library; helping Dan organize the clothing he sells on ebay; preparing a garden to winter over; helping someone get organized for their month long road trip;  raking leaves; and supporting Mary in organizing a closet. I feel so grateful because I have such a variety of work to do, and so many wonderful clients who appreciate me greatly.

The Funktional Family would like to do leaf raking together but Chris is swamped with lots of end of semester school work and Mahriyanna is still nursing her injury she got from playing volleyball. At this time I am still willing to rake leaves–great exercise and I take the leaves to my neighbor’s garden–unless you want me to make a compost pile for you or use the leaves for mulch.

I am so excited about joining Time Banks. I have been dreaming of this ever since I read about Time Banks several years ago. I feel so grateful to Mary and everyone else who is helping. I hope you will all learn about giving and receiving in a powerful, community building way at  I also am looking forward to our family getting involved.  (I need to put that on the  family meeting agenda)

Chris is working on a vegie rap song. He has been going to his friends and neighbors and sharing it. He recorded all the music himself, and then he raps in person–he is still getting feedback about how to make it better. It is a great song! He is also coordinating a Christmas drama and another drama. He has a lot of irons in the pot–a chip off the old block!

Chris has asked Mahriyanna to join The Flight Brigade in playing the bongos this Dec. 5 at 7pm where they are playing at Saturday Night Alive. We hope that friends will join us for free food and a concert. I love how Chris and Mahriyanna are such good friends!

I have not joined our family for the past two weekends for our weekly family meetings because moving and working have been so intense–but I am happy that Mahriyanna and I spent a lot of time last week together, and a whole day just mommy daughter time. I really look forward to spending time over Thanksgiving, and having a family meeting to discuss among other things how we can make this Christmas really special.

I was happy to hear that Robert volunteered the Funktional family to repair the road we share with our great neighbors, the Ciocco’s. We had some extra chat to share–that is always a good thing! (that is good gravel for filling potholes)

Mahriyanna looks forward to getting back into volley ball this week–she is so passionate about this sport–and good at it, too. She is enjoying her homeschooling studies and wants to follow in her brother’s footsteps of going to college. She is also enjoying immensely spending time with her beloved animal friends–two dogs, two cats, 35 chickens. She spent an entire day singlehandedly organizing our apartment. She is amazing!

I am hoping our family can lead some caroling at various places like the Veteran’s hospital and for a friend’s father. I love doing this with my family–all of us are musically inclined. I really want us to be focussed on more service, and awareness of others’ needs.

There is an overwhelming amount of things to be grateful for in my family–and I am grateful for you!


Happy thanksgiving:)


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