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Persistence is essential November 29, 2009

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When I think about how much our family has gone through, it is rather amazing that we are thriving. The main reason is that we have been such an unconventional family. Unschooling our children; some of us being vegetarian; raising our children using hte principles of non-violent communication; home births of both children; extenced breast feeding (Mahriyanna weaned at 3 years old, and Chris at 4 years old); none of us adults ever having “regular” jobs for any extended amount of time; moving often; all of us accepting Jesus as our saviour but not quite fitting in with a lot of Christians; using natural healing and rarely going to the doctor; not vaccinating our kids; living in the country with all the hardships that entails;  and simply living on the edge with financial challenges constantly facing us.

Yet even though we often were criticized for all of the above, we believed we were doing the right thing and did not give up. Now, more and more people are doing what we were doing, and now we can share the gift of our experience with others. No, it has not been easy. Yes, it has been rewarding. Our close relationships with our thirteen year old and twenty year old is so enriching.

I just read this bible study which inspired me to write this article, and it really encourages me. I hope it encourages you as well if you are in a situation where things are tough and you feel discouraged.

Author: Woodrow Kroll
Source: Lessons on Living From David
Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 19:7-8

2 Samuel 19:7-8

“Now therefore, arise, go out and speak comfort to your servants. For I swear by the Lord, if you do not go out, not one will stay with you this night. And that will be worse for you than all the evil that has befallen you from your youth until now.” Then the king arose and sat in the gate. And they told all the people, saying, “There is the king, sitting in the gate.” So all the people came before the king. For everyone of Israel had fled to his tent.

Going On

A page from John Wesley’s diary reads as follows: “Sunday a.m., May 19, preached at St. somebody else’s, deacons called special meeting and said I couldn’t return. Sunday p.m., May 19, preached on the street, kicked off the street. Sunday a.m., May 26, preached in meadow, chased out of meadow as a bull was turned loose during the services. Sunday a.m., June 2, preached out at the edge of town, kicked off the highway. Sunday p.m., June 2, afternoon service, preached in a pasture, 10,000 people came to hear me.”

David had been hit with many heartbreaking experiences as well. His son had rebelled against him. His people had failed to support him. His trusted advisor, Ahithophel, had joined the enemy. His general and nephew, Joab, had disobeyed him and killed Absalom. In fact, life was probably at its lowest ebb for David. But he had a responsibility. He was king and he did not have the luxury to wallow in his sorrow. Life went on and so did David.

When you’re battered by continual disappointments and heartaches, it’s tempting to simply give up. But as Christians we don’t have that luxury. God gives us responsibilities, and until He calls us home we need to fulfill them. There is no promise in God’s Word that life will be easy, only that God will be faithful.

If you are tempted to give up, recognize your responsibilities. Until God gives the signal to pack up and leave, you must go on. In the meantime, rely on God’s strength. He will never fail you.

Life goes on—and so must we.


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