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Funktional Family and a friend work together on a big yard job June 9, 2013

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I, Patricia, had a big organizing job for a person who also needed some yard work done quickly.  A person had offered to paint her house for free and she wanted to take him up on it–but there were too many bushes and trees growing close to the house. Dead trees that were potentially dangerous to both passing cars and her house were also in need of removal.

Robert took on the job of supervising this job which was miraculous in many ways. Everything fell into place so beautifully, including the weather.  Since some of the trees were bigger than Chris or Robert felt comfortable cutting down, we called on Larry Palazzi, a long time friend of the family,  and experienced tree man. He also attends the Christian fellowship we are part of so he is like part of our extended family.

The first day Chris and I cut down mostly honey suckle which had invaded the yard.  He liked cutting with the loppers and I liked dragging the brush away and piling it.  It went so much faster with two people.

The next day it was all hands on deck.  Larry came with two chain saws so Chris could work as well.  Mahrianna and I were on had to stack up the trees that were cut up.  Robert supervised.  It was amazing how much five people got done in four hours. We were tired, but so satisfied.  It was wonderful to include Larry in our job. We prayed before–mostly for safety–and after–with a lot of gratitude.

The next job which I did by myself due to some miscommunication and last minute needs was to pile up all the brush in a place and in such a way that the city could pick it up. Robert got the exact specifications which he relayed very clearly to me.  Because some of the brush had been tied up, it was pretty easy for me to do this work by myself and after 2 1/2 hours having a nine foot high huge stack of brush was pretty exciting. I know…I am easily excited.

On day four of the job things were looking very good with the big brush pile removed.  Our client added an additional job of burning dead wood which had been cut way back during the ice storm.  Robert got all the details of how to legally burn including having a hose handy.  He called the fire department to alert them.  Weather was amazingly cooperative since the one day we did not work–it rained so burning was very doable.

It was fun for me to work with Robert. He has an amazing skill with burning things without making a huge “white man’s fire” as he calls it.  I dragged the stuff over so he could toss it in. He lopped of branches of big stuff.  We were a good team for the next five hours.

When the burning was almost done, I got a call from a woman I had worked for nineteen years earlier at a Eureka Springs bed and breakfast.  She had tracked me down because we had met a few years before so she knew I lived in Fayetteville.  She needed me immediately and so I was able to finish my part of the burn job and get over and help her until 11pm. That was a big day!

Now all that is left to do is to load up the wood we cut which will be used to feed the rocket stove that Robert plans to build.  We also will do one more burn pile in the front.  Plus there is an area that our client is now seeing would be nice to be open just to have a flower garden.  The yard is looking so pretty and open.  And now the painters can easily come.

The useful and wonderful thing about having a Funktional Family like ours who has so many skills and friends is that when someone needs fast help, we are flexible and can often accommodate people.  We had a lot of fun working together. Chris had just returned from two weeks orientation from being a camp counselor, so it was great to spend time with him.

We are super grateful to Larry without whom we could not have done this job, and it was great to get to know him better because when you work with someone there is a bonding that takes place.