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Garage sale services November 20, 2012

Putting on profitable, successful, well-attended garage sales is our specialty. What is especially wonderful is that you can get your house de-cluttered and organized and not spend a cent! How?

Patricia is a professional organizer. As she works with you to get organized, you will most likely find items that could be sold at a garage sale.  The proceeds from the garage sale will then go to pay Patricia’s wages which are  $20/hr

Robert is a great sales person and really knows how to price things. Mahriyanna is excellent at displaying items attractively. Chris puts up signs and helps set up.  Patricia manages the garage sale. Everyone gets paid to actually produce the garage sale–but again, that comes out of the profits.  We will do all the advertising for you in newspapers, Craig’s List, and other creative ways.

Once we figure out how much our wages are, we subtract that from the profit, and hopefully there will be some left over for the client. But if not–don’t you think it could be worth it to have a nice clutter free and organized house without paying a dime?


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